Padhilha scores game-winning goal in 2-0 win over Memorial

Padhilha scores game-winning goal in 2-0 win over Memorial

The University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds men's soccer team was able to take home a clean-sheet against the Memorial University Seahawks with a 2-0 victory.

 "We played really well," said mid-fielder and player of the game Diego Padhilha.

 "We worked the ball, we moved the ball fast, we kept in shape and that's soccer."

 This is Padhilha's second time getting Player of the Game, the first time against the University of Prince Edward Island Panthers.

 "I'm working hard to achieve my goals," he said.

 The Maceio, Brazil native, Padhilha says the men's team is like a family, and he loves playing with them. The team and the soccer program are what keep him here, he says.

 "Our group is amazing, we feel at home, all our teammates are like family, our group is really, really good."

 Brazilians see soccer the same way Canadians see hockey, says Padhilha.

 "In Brazil we grew up playing soccer. My parents, my family are always playing soccer, so that's why I love soccer."

 The talent of the first year player is evident on the field, receiving player of the game two times in five games, but it is also evident to head coach Miles Pinsent.

 "He was outstanding. I think a lot of teams are starting to key in on him, and in some ways it kind of plays to his strengths," said Pinsent.

 "He just is able to deal with individuals that are trying to chase him around the park, and we actually use that to our advantage, so Diego is very much a key part of what we're trying to do."