Mission Statement


The following will be the mission statement for the Reds program:

UNB has been producing champions for over 100 years. The Reds program is known for its rich tradition and its “championship habits”, and is a source of pride for our university and alumni. Because UNB is a national-level university, we have purposely chosen to measure our success against the best in Canada. We have deep roots in the communities which support us. We strive for both academic and athletic excellence, and we prepare our graduates to be leaders. 


“UNB Reds – Champions of Academic and Athletic Excellence”.


We will offer and support one of the broadest varsity sport programs in the AUS, we will focus more of our financial and human resources on a select number of teams – those which have the capacity and potential to contribute to UNB’s goal of being recognized as a national university with an excellent reputation for learning and deep roots in the community.

We want to be most successful in the sports that are most likely to attract the interest of the campus, the alumni, and the external communities that are so important to UNB. Our program will support UNB’s collective sense of pride and identity. We want to be more competitive and more consistently successful at the AUS and CIS levels. Our teams will more frequently be ranked in the CIS top 10, an indicator of our strength. To get to this level we will work hard at recruiting New Brunswick’s best student-athletes, and we will also seek out outstanding student-athletes from other Canadian provinces and other countries.  Once at UNB, our student-athletes will be well-supported athletically and academically. Our coaches and administrators will seek the support of a strong team of people in the department, across the campus and in the community who can help individual students meet the day-to-day needs of training, competition and student life.

Our coaches and athletic administrators will continue to exemplify quality leadership. We will recruit student athletes who are likely to excel both academically and athletically, and who will conduct themselves according to the highest standards. UNB’s athletic program will become known as a Canadian leader because of its ability to successfully combine academic and athletic excellence. We will offer a quality, comprehensive learning experience for each of our student athletes. We will continue to have exemplary graduation rates, and our program will turn out young men and women capable of being leaders in their chosen fields. Our program and our people will enjoy the strong support of the alumni and other on-campus and off-campus partners.

We will help put the UNB name in front of the leaders, the business community and residents of the Greater Fredericton area. We will continue to be well thought of and widely supported in local schools and in the community, and this will result in our attracting more spectators and supporters to campus events. Our coaches and administrators will play leadership roles in sport locally, provincially and nationally. Stronger partnerships with the Associated Alumni and the corporate community will facilitate the formation of strong support groups for each of our teams. Support groups for each team will raise much-needed revenue that will allow UNB to provide program enhancements in such areas as merit awards and scholarships, and the scheduling of additional events.

We will use our facilities to enhance our programs and attract new interest. 

Overall, the Varsity Reds program will be more broadly marketed and supported, become better known for national-level athletic and academic excellence, and be more successful in AUS and CIS competition.  


Success: We will exemplify and strive for championship habits that we know will produce success in sport and in life.

Quality Learning Experience: We will do all we can to support our student-athletes while they have a positive, well-rounded learning experience at UNB.

Integrity: Our people and our program will demonstrate the highest levels of personal integrity, sportsmanship and gender equity.

Quality Student Athletes: A strong percentage of our athletes will be Academic All Canadians.  We want our athletes to be good people, good students and good athletes. 

Personal Growth: While we value championships and competitive success, we also want our athletes to learn and grow as people. We will be as concerned with academic success, personal development and the character of our athletes as we are with athletic success.

Leadership: Our coaches and administrators will be well-connected to the sport communities of Greater Fredericton, New Brunswick and Canada, and play leadership roles in sport development.

Pride and Tradition: We will truly value UNB’s rich athletic heritage, which will help us generate pride in our program and our university. We want our graduating athletes to remain connected and committed to our program through strong alumni support groups.